Starfish Business Credit Card – SMALL COMPANY Credit Card Benefits


Many new small business owners do not have a credit card account specific with their business. They may use an individual credit card to make business related purchases once in a while, but the most new business owners forget the value a continuing business credit card might provide to their business.

There are many explanations why a small business owner would reap the benefits of having a debit card account particularly reserved because of their business use. Initial, though, let’s talk about the normal reasons why a little business proprietor would avoid a credit card!


1) Business proprietor is scared that they can overspend if they get access to a credit card.

2) Business proprietor thinks it’s complicated to apply for and get a credit card beneath the business name, or experience they don’t really have strong more than enough credit to obtain one.

3) Business owner thinks finance costs and rates of interest will be costly and cost additional money than the capability of having a debit card is worth.

4) Smaller businesses don’t make a sufficient amount of purchases to need a credit card.

5) Business proprietor likes the control over spending by employees whenever a check or money needs to be issued for purchases.

6) Business owner requested one and was denied.

Is the reason your enterprise doesn’t have a debit card entirely on this list? If therefore, you might be amazed how the advantages of having a credit card for your business might help propel your business ahead.

Credit Cards Benefits for the tiny Business Owner

While many of the reason why small enterprises decide not really to get yourself a credit card for their businesses are valid, there are numerous advantages to the continuing businesses that do decide to obtain a credit card.

When you help to make all your business buys and pay for every expenditure related to the business about the same credit card, you have a less strenuous time together with your bookkeeping. You can make reference to your credit cards statement every month simply, or on a quarterly or annual basis to be able to see your expenses and purchases instantly. You can lower one check each full month to pay for all of the purchases, making it much simpler to manage your business bank checking account, also.

Having an ongoing organization credit card enables you to get additional cards in key employee names. If your office manager handles the working office supply purchases, she can be given by you a card to create those purchases with, for instance. There is less period needed of you to approve or deny his / her orders and no have to trim a check when the manager is preparing to place the purchase. Simply give the workers with cards a spending allowance and you may quickly monitor the spending of every employee by glancing at the card statements.

If you decide on a credit cards for your business that provides a rewards program, you shall benefit further by attaining the rewards under that benefit. As a business proprietor, you would decide when you have cause to purchase flight tickets, or in the event that you would advantage better from a card with cash return or special merchandise purchases with the factors you’ve earned.

Having a business credit card opens the door to numerous opportunities intended for your business that you wouldn’t have in the event that you prevented having a card. Make sure to consider these benefits and advantages in concern when deciding whether to use for a business credit cards. If you dread your business credit isn’t strong plenty of for a cards at the moment, you can opt for a prepaid credit card or a guaranteed credit card to build your business credit score. You’ll still receive all the benefits and conveniences of a debit card, you’ll simply need to take the excess step of financing a prepaid credit card before you can utilize it.