Starfish Business Credit Card – Visa Business BANK CARDS

The Visa Business Credit Card is one of the most popular business credit cards serving the continuing business market today. Recognizing that businesses value the need once and for all cash management, Visa gives business bank cards designed to offer people with purchasing comfort, cost savings, access immediately to credit when it is needed by them and complete, detailed reporting of most continuing business expenses charged with their Visa business credit cards.

Visa business bank cards can be acquired from any 1 of the numerous issuers that are affiliated to Visa. The credit cards packages will probably change from one issuer to another, but there are specific features that are universally applicable to any continuing business credit card issued beneath the Visa brand. These universal features, benefits and privileges, will typically are the following:

Auto Rental Collision Harm Waiver

All Visa business credit card holders are covered for damages because of theft or collision, at no additional cost. This advantage reimburses you for the expenses incurred to correct or replace protected losses on an employed automobile that you paid for with your business credit card. The only condition is that the automobile should have been used for business purposes exclusively. When you lease the vehicle on your eligible Visa business credit cards, be sure you decline if the local rental company offers its collision harm waiver. This will activate your Visa protection. If the rental company is usually adamant and insists that you get their policy, call your benefits administrator. In the full case of theft or harm to the rented vehicle, you will call the Visa benefits administrator before talking with anybody else first. He or she will advise you what direction to go then.

Purchase Protection and Extended Protection

The purchase security benefit entitles the business credit card holder to replacement, repair or reimbursement for eligible personal property that you completely payed for together with your Visa business credit card (up to $10,000 per claim or more to a complete of $50,000 per business credit card holder). Extended safety doubles the initial manufacturer’s guarantee period. This era is capped at 12 months.

Presents purchased for others on your own business credit cards are covered by this benefit. The just challenge is that you shall be requested to document a claim, and that the intended recipient will be required to provide paperwork in substantiation of the state. You need to develop the habit of maintaining your copies of the Visa business credit card receipts along with the store receipts, since these will be needed as supporting papers to any claim you might file.

There exists a host of exclusions about the things or situations that aren’t included in the Visa purchase security and extended protection business credit cards benefits, and that means you should review these carefully.

Travel Emergency Assistance

Visa business credit card holders are assured of 24-hour the help of appropriate emergency solutions when they are required. You are covered by the benefit, your immediate family as well as your business associates. This special service for business credit card holders provides contact referral and assistance. You will still be accountable for all expenses and costs incurred with the suppliers of these emergency services, which could consist of ambulances, doctors, towing and hospitals. The upside is usually that you can purchase these with your cards as almost all emergency services understand and accept the Visa brand.